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Whether from a deep, narrow, impenetrable place or an open, elevated distance. An idea springs forth, flowing upward and outward through holes and cracks. Seeping, seeking, searching for an outlet. Or down, over, and between furrows and ridges. Streaming, cascading, descending to a level place. Falling, following, finding its level and nature, approaching the path of least resistance. A client’s ideas are much like the spring, constantly flowing (or perhaps not flowing at all), but where do these ideas flow? Much like spring water, the idea stirs in the spring basin, and either disappears, evaporates, gets absorbed, gets consumed, or continues to flow. But where does it flow? Here we meet the spring run, the boundaries and direction the spring water will flow and follow. You decide where you want it to flow, how fast, how strong. Are you trying to find the sea on your own? Are you trying to connect with other streams? Are you trying to meet the river? Are you trying to remain a secret babbling brook or become a roaring river? It all starts at the spring run, just after it’s done brewing in the basin.

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