Who Are We?

Spring Run Media Group is a small collective mix of savvy content creators, marketing mavens, and adventurers specializing in unconventional and alternative digital solutions for brands, non-profits, and technical assignments. We’re simple folks with experience and value where it counts for the projects we love. As a company we adhere to a philosophy based on the dynamic qualities of flowing water–hence the name. Its formless, yet pervasive in nature, organic determination and efficiency, and it is a balance of infinite strength and flexibility. Ideas, like water, can take on any form, grow to any magnitude or volume, pervade virtually any medium, and certainly flow or move any distance or direction. Yes, we’re getting all ‘Bruce Lee’ on you. “You must be like water, my friend.” Translating abstract ideas into tangible returns is our business. And as creative problem solvers with a penchant for the outrageous, we feel that Spring Run Media Group (this bigger thing we’re a part of that allows us to live and create and contribute) is a perfect demonstration of our mission and vision. It all starts from an abstract idea. So whether you’re launching a new business, growing your brand, or just can’t shake that crazy idea, we can help you get to know your flow.